Rainbow Bridge

When the time has come…

The toughest decision we will ever make for our pets is deciding about euthanasia. Euthanasia is inducing death in an animal to relieve pain and suffering. Some of these animals will be quite elderly while unfortunately others are younger. It is ultimately the owner’s decision when it is time for euthanasia and this is often a very difficult choice. Our veterinary team is always available to discuss this choice with pet owners and to offer support.

When the time has come and the decision to euthanize has been made, pet owners are welcome to call the clinic and make an appointment. We will do our best to accommodate the best day and time for the pet’s family. We will discuss cremation options – some pet owners wish to receive their pet’s ashes back in either an urn or a scatterbox. We also have the option of clay paw impressions in different colors and designs.

The day of the euthanasia

The pet and their family will be taken to our comfort room. This is a special room with soft lighting and armchairs to provide a less “clinical” experience. A bed or soft blanket will be provided for the pet. Any family members that wish to be present are welcome. One of our veterinarians will come in to discuss the procedure and to answer any questions. Pet owners and families are welcome to stay for the entire procedure if they like, or they may leave at any point.

Most pets are sedated with a small injection to allow them to relax. An IV catheter will be placed in a front or back leg. When the family and pet are ready, the pet will be given 2 medications through this IV. One is an anesthetic that will make the pet fall asleep and the other is the euthanasia agent that will stop their heart. After the pet has passed away, the family can leave when they wish and we will take care of their pet from this point on.

We try to make this process as stress and pain free as possible and most of our pet owners find the experience peaceful.
Please feel free to call the clinic if you have any questions or concerns or are considering euthanasia for your pet.