Pet Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition plays a critical role in the overall health and well-being of your pet. Your pet’s nutritional needs change with age, lifestyle, and health status.

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Why is my pet’s nutritional health important?

At Arrowhead Veterinary Centre, we offer a wide range of nutritional counseling, from maintenance diets to weight loss to the management of various disease conditions.

Obesity is an ongoing and increasing problem with dogs and cats and can lead to other issues such as arthritis and diabetes. Our veterinary team can work with you to get your pet on an effective weight loss diet and monitor their progress to ensure that they are reaching a healthy weight. We understand that weight loss can be difficult, and we will design a plan that works for you and your pet. Please contact the clinic if you would like a weight evaluation done for your pet.

Specially formulated diets help with the management of many disease conditions, such as allergies, urinary tract disease, kidney, liver, and gastrointestinal diseases. These diets are backed by years of research to ensure they are the optimal choice for pets with chronic health conditions. Please contact the clinic to discuss dietary recommendations or alterations to help manage your pet’s health condition.

Nutritional requirements change as your pet ages. We can help you decide what diet is best for your pet at each stage of life to keep them active and happy.

With so many foods on the market and different nutritional requirements based on your pet’s age and health, we’re here to help you make the best decisions for your pet.