Pet Internal Medicine

Internal organs kept in good working order are essential for your pet’s wellness. It’s important we prevent hese organs from becoming sick or damaged.

What is pet internal medicine?

Damage and other indications of diseased or wounded internal organs are generally not evident because they are inside the animal’s body. Likewise, our furry companions are unable to communicate with us when they are in discomfort or show other signs of internal organ disorders. This is why, especially in the case of elderly pets, a regular head-to-tail preventative care exam and an excellent diet are critical to ensuring a long and healthy life for your pet.

Internal organ issues in pets can now be diagnosed and treated in a variety of ways, thanks to improvements in contemporary veterinary care. We also have non-invasive equipment like the endoscope that allows us to inspect and view an animal’s interior organs. Our diagnostic tools and methods, together with cutting-edge laboratory techniques, allow us to monitor and diagnose what’s going on within your pet’s body without resorting to exploratory surgery.

For pets with diabetes or endocrine problems, endocrinology is an important part of internal medicine. Modern veterinary medicine now has the capabilities to not only detect but also control diabetes in dogs and cats.

As a full-service veterinary medical center, we are happy to provide your pet with a comprehensive range of veterinary services while treating each owner like family and each pet as if it were our own.