Hazards at Home


  • Spring and summer brings all kinds of beauty to our homes, yards and community, but does present some hazards for your pets..Insecticides, herbicides & fertilizers may be potentially poisonous. In your own yard be sure to use non toxic & natural products.
  • Rinsing your pet’s feet after a walk can be done as a precaution.
  • Be sure to check that your plants you are adding to your garden are pet friendly.
  • On hot days try to walk at dawn or dusk when it is cooler. When it is hot out it is best to leave pets at home if they cannot come in with you as heat stroke can happen in only minutes and can be fatal.
  • Places like dog parks & day cares are a great places for your dog to socialize & burn off some energy, but your dog should be up to date on vaccines and be dewormed regularly to help prevent disease transfer.
  • Summer = Swimming – Giardia (aka: Beaver Fever) is transmitted from host to host by ingesting cysts in contaminated feces or drinking water. Cysts may also be found in streams or other water sources.
  • Ticks are something to be aware of when you are out in wooded or areas with lots of brush. Although ticks are commonly thought of as insects, they are actually arachnids similar to scorpions, spiders, and mites. Ticks are among the most efficient carriers of disease because they attach firmly when sucking blood, feed slowly, and may go unnoticed for a considerable time while feeding. Ticks take several days to complete feeding.