Arrowhead Specialty: Registered Vet Tech

Specialty: Registered Vet Tech

I have had an utter fascination with animals and nature for as far back as my memory reaches. As I grew up in Manitoba, Ontario, then Alberta, I either owned or was extensively involved in the care of everything from horses to hermit crabs. I can remember trying to convince my mother that baby snakes were just as cute as puppies. Most of my adolescence was spent on the back of a horse, and volunteering at Cochrane and Area Humane Society and in local veterinary clinics. During university, I started volunteering at Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation, where I developed my ability to confidently handle wildlife.

After graduating from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology, I turned my sights to the role of a veterinary technologist and made the trip up to Fairview, Alberta to finish my education at GPRC. Arrowhead Veterinary Centre took me on as a practicum student, then ‘adopted’ me as one of the family and brought me onto the full-time staff as an RVT. I’m known in the clinic for my comfort with handling exotic animals and wildlife, as well as my for my fascination with the odd, gross, and ugly side of veterinary medicine. I’m always eager to share my knowledge – whether that knowledge is actually appreciated or not!

I share my home with a sweet old cat named Churchill, an opinionated dove named Louis, and a gorgeous golden albino axolotl named Athena. Outside of the clinic, I spend my down time visiting with my family, drawing, working on various hobbies, running, and hunting for new tidbits of knowledge.