At Arrowhead Veterinary Center, we believe that good preventive care is a key component in keeping our pets healthy and happy. We recommend that pets come in for regular wellness consultations – annual exams for younger pets and twice annually for seniors.  At these consultation appointments, our veterinarians will perform a complete physical examination including examining the teeth, joints, skin, eyes and heart. They will discuss any concerns you have about your pet and explain any issues detected in the physical exam. Your veterinarian will also discuss your pet’s weight, their nutritional needs and parasite control. Depending on your pet’s needs, your veterinarian may also run annual bloodwork or recommend additional procedures or testing. We want to make sure our clients are involved in their pet’s health care and decision making and that they feel comfortable discussing any questions or concerns with us.

  • Vaccinations:

At Arrowhead Veterinary Center, your pet’s vaccination schedule is tailored to their specific needs. Vaccinations are important to prevent your pet from contracting very serious diseases. Some of these diseases are directly transmitted by contact with another animal while others can be spread in the environment. Depending on your pet’s risk factors, their vaccinations may be given annually or on a more extended schedule. If you have questions about your pet’s vaccines, please discuss them with one of our veterinarians.

  • Parasite Control:

Preventing and treating parasite infections is very important to your pet’s health. Since some parasites are also transmittable to people, it is important to ensure our pets are parasite-free to keep the whole family healthy. In Alberta, there are a number of internal parasites (“worms”) as well as external parasites (ie. fleas and ticks) that could infect your pet. Puppies and kittens are typically given at least 3-4 dewormings over several months. Adult dogs and cats are dewormed on a schedule specifically formulated based on their lifestyle. Many pets that go outside require flea and tick prevention medications over the summer. If you travel with your pet, they may be exposed to different parasites. Please discuss any travel with one of our veterinarians or technicians before you leave so we can make sure your pet is protected.

For more information on parasites and your pet, please visit our Blog.