Nutritional Counselling

Similar to people, good nutrition for our pets can make a huge difference in how they feel, their activity level and their overall wellness. At Arrowhead Veterinary Centre, our veterinarians, animal health technologists and support staff are all well trained and knowledgeable about different aspects of animal nutrition. We regularly attend continuing education courses on nutrition and the role it plays in not only health and wellness but also various disease conditions. At your wellness appointment, one of our veterinarians will discuss your pet’s nutritional needs, current diet and make recommendations on any diet change or supplements. Some pets with chronic health conditions will require specific diets, designed solely for use by veterinarians, to help manage their disease.

Obesity is a significant problem in our pet population and nutrition is a key component of any weight loss program. We carry several lines of diets that are proven to assist pets in weight loss. Our staff will design a weight loss program specifically tailored to your pet and will support you to ensure that your pet reaches their target weight. We can assist you in calculating your pet’s caloric requirements, choosing a diet, deciding how much to feed and making sure treats and chews are still allowed in your pet’s feeding routine. We welcome our patients to come in for weigh-ins and body condition scoring with one of our animal health technicians.

Arrowhead Veterinary Center has a wide selection of wellness diets, weight loss diets and prescription diets that will ensure your pet is being fed the best possible food. Please feel free to discuss your pet’s nutrition with any of our staff and ask any questions you may have.