Arrowhead Veterinary Center has many in-house diagnostics available to allow for quick turnaround of results. We also work with off-site laboratories and specialists for cases that need advanced testing or specialist consultations. This helps us to diagnose medical conditions in the most accurate and efficient manner possible.

Our In-house laboratory includes:

  • In-house blood analysis machine that measures many different parameters: red blood cell and white blood cell counts, liver and pancreatic enzymes, kidney values, blood sugar, electrolytes and thyroid levels.
  • Urine testing such as urine concentration, pH, measuring levels of various compounds and sediment (ie. crystals).
  • Fecal testing including fecal floats to check for parasites, examination for specific bacteria and Giardia/Parvovirus testing.
  • Microscopic examination of samples of ear discharge, skin disease and needle aspirates.

Radiographs (X-rays):

  • At Arrowhead Veterinary Centre, we have a modern digital x-ray machine that takes high quality images and allows multiple images to be taken quickly. These images transfer directly to a computer screen and can be viewed anywhere in the clinic. These high quality images can show even subtle abnormalities. The x-rays are examined by our veterinarians in clinic and can be sent to a specialist electronically if needed.
  • We also have digital dental x-ray. Dental x-rays are critical to evaluating pets for dental disease and addressing problem teeth. Digital dental x-ray allows us to take the x-rays very quickly and reduce the time that the pet has to be under anesthesia.

External laboratories:

  • Sometimes we send samples from our patients to outside labs. These labs can provide more specific analysis for some disease conditions as well as specialist consultations for complex cases.