Dental health has become well recognized as an important component of your pet’s overall health. Dental disease in pets has been linked to chronic pain as well as heart, liver and kidney disease. When your pet is in for a medical or wellness appointment, one of our veterinarians will examine their teeth and look for any abnormalities or signs of disease. Your veterinarian will then discuss any at-home or in-clinic therapy that your pet might need.

Many pets require oral hygiene procedures regularly to ensure that their teeth remain disease and pain free. Oral hygiene procedures are one of the most common surgical procedures performed at Arrowhead Veterinary Centre. All of our dental procedures are done under general anesthetic to ensure that the teeth can be properly examined, radiographed and cleaned/polished. We utilize ultrasonic dental equipment (very similar to what a human dentist would use), digital dental x-rays and other specialized tools required for full dental evaluations, cleanings and surgical extractions when necessary. Our dentistry patients range in age from 3 months to 18+ years and we always take great care in making sure our anesthetics are as safe as possible.

Arrowhead Veterinary Centre also carries a large selection of products intended to improve dental health at home. We are always happy to discuss at-home dental care with you and demonstrate different products. From toothpaste and tooth brushes, to dental diets, to water additives, we can recommend a product or products that will work best for you and your pet.

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