Car Travel in Winter

For anything beyond a short trip into the city or if you are taking a road trip of several days it may be best to include the following as a first aid kit for your pet:

  • Bandage materials (Gauze roll, gauze squares , antibacterial soap, Elastoplast roll or similar, a sterile non-adherent dressing/telfa, antibacterial ointment, duct tape)
  • blankets/towels
  • flashlight
  • harness with a seat belt attachment for your pet or a secured kennel
  • spare leash and collar/harness
  • fresh water
  • Gatorade
  • pet food (may be some restrictions if crossing the U.S. border)
  • prescription pet foods may require a prescription (provided by your veterinarian) to cross the U.S. border or to obtain in the U.S.
  • adequate prescription medication (if required by your pet)
  • any necessary an current documents (international health certificate, rabies certificate, pertinent medical information)
  • emergency contact list
  • reduce anxiety and stress for your pet for travel. Consider products as Adaptil spray/collars, thunder-shirt, “Therabite Mellows” (an anxiety chewable treat).
  • Other aids/strategies could be appropriate, speak with your family veterinarian.