Air Travel with your pet

Here is a list of things to consider:

  • Check with your airline for specific requirements and/or restrictions for your pet’s travel
  • any necessary and current documents such as international health certificate (if traveling to the U.S. requires within 10 days of travel), rabies certificate, pertinent medical information, prescription pet food (provided by your veterinarian).
  • in an Export situation…consider involving additional expertise to aid the Export process such as “Boomerang Pet Carriers
  • check with C.F.I.A. (Government of Canada) for specific country requirements. Some country requirements for pet export require that the process starts several weeks or more before intended travel dates. Failure to have all requirements met may mean that your pet cannot travel.
  • airline approved kennel (the airline will provide you with their specific requirements)
  • to reduce anxiety and stress for your pet for travel. Consider products as Adaptil spray/collars, thunder-shirt, “Therabite Mellows” (an anxiety treat). Other aids/strategies to reduce stress of travel may be appropriate, speak with your veterinarian. The use of pharmaceuticals to reduce anxiety or achieve sedation before air travel can have unpredictable results and is frequently ill advised. Many airlines are not advocating the use of pharmaceuticals before travel at all.
  • adequate prescription medication (if required by your pet)
  • emergency contact list